3 01 2010

Hello everyone! I just wanted to thank you all so much for continuing to support my blog! I really enjoy doing this! To better suit the needs of youself and my blog, Ive switched servers and upgraded the site ALOT. I hope you enjoy it. This site will be left up becuase I love it and theres alot of wonderful archived blogs on here….Anyways Here is the New URL (which will change soon) and a Link to it ! Please visit my new site to stay current on my blogs from now on…Thanks and spread the world!

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Lady Gaga answers fan mail♥

3 01 2010

Rihanna is releasing a tell all?!?! This could get interesting….

3 01 2010

WOW! According to IT girl Rihanna will be releasing a tell all on her life, love, and experiences in the music industry! This should be juicy! I enjoy a good read, dont you?!

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In case you STILL dont know who Susan Boyle is….

3 01 2010

This woman has an incredible voice. She has a very pure and classical voice thats appeasing to the ears. The LGBT community loves her broadway like qualities and is glad she’s an artist of our time! Lady Gaga commented on Susan Boyles singing recently saying that she is very talented and she likes to watch the clip of her singing on Americas got talent so that she can laugh at the expression on Simons face when she starts singing. She says “Simon thinks he knows everything, but he doesnt.” Lol I agree!

Lady Gaga gives a stunning performance on New Years!

2 01 2010

Lady Gaga gave a stunning performance in Miami this weekend! The pop star performed 4 songs and did brought along 13 costumes to change in and out of! US weekly reported that Gaga’s performance brought out a wonderful crowd of young Hollywood A -listers. Were so proud of Lady Gaga! I cant wait to see what 2010 has in store for her!

The last great song I want you to hear this year♥

31 12 2009

Lady Gaga- Brown Eyes