A few pics of yours truly!! Enjoy♥

27 12 2009

Jamba Juice is yummy♥

20 12 2009

This is kind if random but I absolutely LOVE Jamba Juice!! If you are privelaged enough to have a Jamba Juice in your area you should definetly give it a try!

I miss her♥

18 12 2009

As time crawls by I lay here in a sleepless slumber….staring up at the ceiling with tears falling on each side of my pillow….My heart hurts and I miss her. Ive never just wanted to see someones face so bad in my life. How did we part ways like this?

No matter how much I try and think about other things or a future with someone new, her face always makes its way back into my mind…….Her touch, her smile, her companionship.

Do you know what its like to feel inadequate?? I do.

I feel like a piece of me is gone.

The way we feel sometimes♥

13 12 2009

A few in-expensive gift ideas♥

10 12 2009

Are you short on cash this christmas? Alot of people are and since Christmas is right around the corner I decided to try and get a list together of some inexpensive gift ideas for the holidays. I hope this helps!

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Tune in to the BEST new Radio show around!

7 12 2009


Oh my gosh! Femme fans I am too excited about this! Thefemmeapr.com is taking on new facets of this multiledia maven we thrive in and is going LIVE RADIO! Dose of RealiTEA will be co-hosted by the LOVELY Jay C. aka @jayCFierce on twitter! The LGBT boys and girls have collaborated for this effort! Our goal is to touch on some entertaining topics, take calls from listeners who have a comment or an opinion they would like to voice, and as ALWAYS, help out our lovely Femme fans with any challenging life situations they may be dealing with! We hope you enjoy the show and tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO TUNE IN!!

Host: Aryka


Co Host: Jay C


Note: Dose of RealiTEA WILL be available on itunes 🙂

The FIRST episode will be airing THIS WEDNESDAY at 10pm!

Click HERE to go to radio site!