LGBT Gossip

December 27, 2009


Ok everyone!! B.Scott has tweeted about his suspended youtube account! Although he said he still doesnt know whats going on, he has asked we stay positive and not go too hard on anyone! We miss our B.Scott! We will try to stay positive but we are very upset about this.



November 30, 2009

I am SUPER excited about this book! LGBT socialite and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is releasing a juicy new book dishing out all the celeb dirt in Hollywood!!! Can you say DRAMA?!?! The book will hit stores today so make sure you get a copy and support your LGBT  family!



November 11, 2009


Whats the teas in LGBT land? Runway diva Miss J dropped a bomb on the world and told Tyra about his 7 year old son! He explained that he and his ex boyfriend were sperm donors to a pair of French lesbians. Lol. How funny! J recalls the story to Tyra and camera crew:

 ”A French lesbian had asked if we would be sperm donors. So we thought, ‘OK, you want me to do you?’ And she was like, ‘Ooooh, I’m not that talented.’ So I said, ‘Okay fine.’ So we did a little test tube.

Miss J says although the baby isnt biologically his, he still plays to play a big role in his life. There will be many more details about Miss J and his life experiences in his new book Follow The Model.



 October 23, 2009

While browsing twitter today, a friend tweeted me and said that the Fat, NASTY ,ugly man trash aka Perez Hilton called Teyana Taylor a dumb bitch. Is he serious? Who’s really the dumb bitch here? Blogger Necole Bitchie defended her friend and proceeded to have an altercation with Perez as well. Here is the tweet Necole Bitchie posted:

RT @perezhilton calling @teyanataylor a dumb bitch = OUT OF LINE!>>

T.T. remaining cool, calm and collected tweets in response to fat ass…I mean Perez:

yea i seen that @perezhilton called me a dumb bitch however he not even worth the entertainment of a response. in his book im sure thats>>

I dont know what the hell is going on with Perez and why he’s lashing out at T.T but I dont think he wants to pick a fight within the communtiy. Get it together big boy!



October 14, 2009


It seems like LGBT boys and girls are taking over the world wide web! New Orleans L.A. native and LGBT diva Amiyah Mizrahi was spotted on recently flaunting a spot on the popular website with Amber Rose. Who knew?A h well. All press is press right? Get it Amiyah!



October 2, 2009


Femme fans have you heard the news? Sources are saying Rhi Rhi and J.T. have been caught getting REALLY close. The two have made the cover of ok magazine, and a few other gossip spreads and have been reported to be “dating.” What do you think femme fans? Are they a hot couple or a hot mess?

Click Here for details



October 1, 2009


Femme fans I am fu#%$^g outraged at the i just heard! Thanks to Captain Deuchy pictured on the left, LGBT Princess Lady Gaga has had to cancel her “Fame kills” tour! Talk about an outrage! Sources are saying that the reason for the cancellation is lack of ticket sales due to Kanyes stunt on the VMA awards a few weeks ago. Other sources are saying the cancellation is due to the two performers inability to get along. Damnit Kanye! You always find a way to f$&k things up! Its sad his negativity has affected other performers.

Click Here for story



October 1, 2009


Femme fans have you heard the good news? Kim K and Reggie Bush have reunited! Sources spotted Kim K catching a plane to N.O.L.A. after she left sister Khloe’s wedding to Lamar Odom. Kim K will be in New Orleans this weekend supporting her man at his game.Yaaayyy! I am a huge fan of happy endings and romance so congrats to Kim K and Reggie Bush for taking the right steps to making there relationship work. Whether your gay or straight, this is a good look ♥ 



September 30, 2009

teyana taylor

Whats the tea in gossip land? Internet sources are saying that the princess of the Neptunes has called out rapper Drake. Apparently there were specualtions the two were an item and TT responded to the press via ustream saying “First off, I dont f*&$k with light skinned ni%$^s and second, I think he’s gay.” Well well well, TT. Tell us how you really feel. Lol. Lets all hope the reason she took offense to this accusation is because she plays for our team.



September 28, 2009


ATL Housewife fans….have you been wondering who Big Poppa is? Well I found out and I had to let you all in on the secret! Big Poppa (nicknamed V) is a multi million dollar real estate developer. He has two sons and one of them is best friends with the infamous “Brody” from the MTV reality show The Hills. Wow! Does he look the way you thought he would? Enjoy Femme fans! 


 September 23,2009


L word star Laurel Holloman is a part of the LGBT family in real life. He character in real life isnt too much different from the character she plays on the show. She is bisexual and she does enjoy women on and off the screen. Unlike her character, she’s married to a man in real life. Holloman tells sources ” I just feel like when you fall in love you can’t help who you fall in love with. You love who you love; it just is what it is.” She also told reporters from curve magazine “…ultimately I met my husband and got married. I wish I had met more women (laughs).” The Femme supports Holloman and cant wait for the L word movie!

For full story click heart —>



September 18, 2009


American Idol update! Ellen has reported that her mission on A.I. is to make the show more positive and contestant friendly. She claims that Simons rude attitude is something she is not a fan of and she has stated that she will bump heads with him on the show if needed. While The Femme thinks Ellen will make a great addition to the show, A.I. fans everywhere are not so much in agreement and feel like she has no business on the show and no right to talk about Simon. I guess only time will tell how this plays out! I wonder what Simon has to say about all this?



September 15, 2009


King …I mean Queen Latifah was Spotted at a gay club in NYC….whats the big deal??

 The press has had a field day behind the appearance of female rapper Queen Latifah in a gay club in NYC. As Femme has said before, Queen Latifah is engaged to a woman and is a part of the LGBT community whether she says it outwardly to the media or not. Im not sure what the big suprise is but I hope the media gets over it soon! Inside sources say that Latifah nas neither confirmed nor denied the allegations.

Click here for full story



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