The last great song I want you to hear this year♥

31 12 2009

Lady Gaga- Brown Eyes


Lady Gaga hangs out with Perez & friends…..

31 12 2009

I saw these pics on Perez Hilton earlier today and I wanted to share them with my fellow Gaga fans! Lady Gaga was pictured above hanging out with her FAV gay boy Perez Hilton at a diner in NYC. I LOVE her hat! Its very..vintage 🙂 I like the biker look on Gaga. Anyways, this was a cute photo op and Perez is lucky to have such a fabolous friend!

B.Scott gives dates for his apprearance on Tyra and Access Hollywood ♥

31 12 2009


More good news for love muffins! B.Scott has released a few more details on his appearances on Tyra and Access Hollywood! His appearance on Access Hollywood will be next Sunday at 9 pm and his debut on Tyra will be during the first week of February! I’m super excited about this! Arent you!?!?! I will keep you all updated on the official date and time he will be on the Tyra show!

Youtube is Claiming “Copy right infringement”…BS!

31 12 2009

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Ellen Degeneres and Tim Gunn win PETA’s People of the Year award!

31 12 2009


Great news for Ellen DeGeneres and Tim Gunn! PETA has named them the “People of the Year.” Yaayyy! Tim Gunn was given the award on behalf of using his voice in the fashion industry to promote wearing faux rather than fur and save animals lives. Ellen was given the award after speaking about her choice to be a vegan for years and how the choice had impacted her life in a healthy and positive way. Congratulations you two! Way to represent our community 🙂

Studology 101 interviews Hot Wings… A MUST see!

31 12 2009

Whoa there Hot Wings!?!?! How do you REALLY feel about Chance? Lol

Rosie and her Lady friend have alot of kids!

31 12 2009

Comedian Rosie O’Donell has been spotted around town with her new lady friend Tracy Anders. Sources say that Rosie is very happy with her new friend and that Tracy is an interesting woman. described her as  “artist, writer, inventor, doula and lesbian mother of six.”

Hmm..that equals TEN kids! I hope one of these ladies has a van!!! Lol. Im totally joking. Its nice to see Rosie looking happy again! We love her pink Croc’s too! Those shoes are soo comfortable! Way to go Rosie!

Thank US Weekly for this article 🙂