Did Glambert go too far?!?!

25 11 2009

Whats going up with Glambert?? Anyone who was watching the AMA’s saw the controversial performance he gave this past Sunday. Apparently, viewers were outraged at his boy on boy kiss as well as his crotch in the face type dance moves he performed on a member of his band. ABC was very upset about his antics and dropped his interview with them only to be picked up by CBS. Adam tells press that he feels like its a double standard and that no one was upset when Madonna and Britney Spears kissed. What do you guys think?


Rihanna interview part 2

6 11 2009

Rihanna does Glamour Magazine….

4 11 2009


Ok ladies…..Not only is Rihanna speaking out about the Chris Brown beat down to ABC & 20/20, the singer has also already done an interview with Glamour magazine (who then named her woman of the year.) Question. Am I the only one wh’s noticed all this “speaking out” she wants to do now that she has an album about to hit stores? I think its BULLSHIT and insulting to women who are victims of domestic violence every day. Using her story to increase her record sales is not only TACKY, but its insulting and shows just how desperate celebs are to stay in the limelight….Heres an idea, how about making a good song? That works too.


Beyonce “I am yours” Thanksgiving special

1 11 2009


Good news for Beyonce fans!! ABC will be broadcasting a special inside look at her tour and her personal life as well as a few performances from her Las Vegas show. The show will air at 9pm EST ! Make sure you tune in ladies!

Rihanna speaks out about Chris Brown

1 11 2009


Rihanna has decided to speak out about the incident with Chris Brown to ABC reporters on November 5th at 7am EST. She will also be doing an interview with 20/20 on November 6th at 10 pm. Her video for Russian Roulette will premiere after the interview.

This should be interesting! I think the world is wondering what made her finally apeak out about what happened! We’ll see!

I live for Leiomy Mizrahi and Vogue Evolution

15 09 2009

Vogue Evolution is the hottest new dance crew to hit MTV and also happends to be a proud part of the LGBT community. The group consists of 4 LGBT boys and one lovely transgender lady who has slowly captured the hearts of everyone in LGBT land and beyond. The group urges everyone to just be comfortable in their skin and taking responsibility for yourself.

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