MTV has named Adam Lambert #3 man of year!

18 12 2009


Yaay for Adam! Our LGBT star was voted the #3 man of the year in the entertainment industry!! Between him and Lady Gaga, the LGBT community is dominating the music indusrtry!! Lets give a HUGE round of applause to Adam Lambert!

A few A-Listers at the Vevo premiere party

9 12 2009

Youtube has partnered with VEVO to give you the best quality celeb music and entertainment videos om youtube. You can also watch videos on Check out the pics of a few of the A listers who attended the VEVO premiere party.

Did Glambert go too far?!?!

25 11 2009

Whats going up with Glambert?? Anyone who was watching the AMA’s saw the controversial performance he gave this past Sunday. Apparently, viewers were outraged at his boy on boy kiss as well as his crotch in the face type dance moves he performed on a member of his band. ABC was very upset about his antics and dropped his interview with them only to be picked up by CBS. Adam tells press that he feels like its a double standard and that no one was upset when Madonna and Britney Spears kissed. What do you guys think?

Adam Lambert wants to do Broadway

18 11 2009

How cool would this be?? A.I. winner Adam Lambert told TV Guide he want to be in the remake of Jesus Christ Superstar.

“I heard theyre trying to do a remake of Jesus Christ Superstar and I want to play Judas. I’m going to start publicly campaigning for it. I think a movie would be really cool!”

Adam would be a refreshing addition to any broadway cast!

Adam Lambert vs Kiss

17 11 2009

Hey…wait a minute. I thought these two liked each other?!?! Guess not! In any event, Adam Lambert had some harsh word for Gene Simmons in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine:

“Gene Simmons spouted something, that he thought I’d ruined my career by coming out. He’s obnoxious, and what a hypocrite – all he talks about is his sex life. He was being a dick – and he’s not the greatest singer. I guess he’s a good businessman. I’ll give him that.”

Am I the only one who’s loving Adam more and more as time goes on?? Way to tell him honey! Sexuality should NOT be the determining factor on whether your a good artist or not.

Out magazine celebrates Adam Lambert

17 11 2009

Out magazine has deemed Adam Lambert as one of the people of the year! Adam Lambert is on the December cover of Out magazine along with celebs like Wanda Sykes and Cyndi Lauper! Congrats Adam! Way to shine in the spotlight!

Adam Lambert & Sam Ronson hit the streets!

12 11 2009


DJ Sam Ronson and A.I. winner Adam Lambert were spotted hanging out yesterday. Has Sam found the perfect gay boy to hang out with? Looks that way! These two are sure to paint the town red!