B.Scott talks about HIV/AIDS

1 12 2009

Interview with Ongina…..tribute to HIV awareness

1 12 2009

Today is world HIV/AIDS awareness day!

1 12 2009

Today is world HIV/AIDS awareness day! Go and get tested with friends, family, or your partner and know your status! Today is also a day to remember our loved ones who lost a fichting battle with the illness and those who are fighting that battle as we speak. The LGBT community stands behind you 100%! Remember, knowing is beautiful!

Gay bar opens in China

1 12 2009


Whats going on in China’s LGBT community? The department of health is opening a government funded gay bar that will specailize in educating people about HIV/AIDS and providing them with a place to go and get free condoms, learn about std’s in the gay community, and enjoy some companionship from a fe fellow LGBT members. This sounds like a really positive movement in the right direction! The bar will open tommorow in honor of world AIDS day.

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HIV/AIDS Halloween benefit party

25 09 2009


Femme Fans! Come join celebration in New Orleans October 31st. Whats makes this party so special is that all the proceeds go to AIDS/HIV awareness and prevention research. The party is funded by Lazarus and is an annual event. Support your LGBT family!

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