Dose of RealiTEA- Episode 2 summary!

15 12 2009


Whats up LGBT land?? Are you ready for the exciting SECOND episode of Dose of Reali TEA? We are! This weeks episode will include lots of celeb drama, real life situations, a few good songs, and the VERY popular call in segment at the end of the show!

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Is She by Sheree She by SheGAY?

5 11 2009


So was I the only one who noticed when a  fan inquired and questioned Sheree about her sexuality during the reunion? I had never really thought thought twice about whether she was straight or not butit makes you wonder! What do you guys think?!?! Gay by Sheree? Lol

B Scott interview with ATL housewife Kim

19 10 2009

Watch what happens live…..starring Andy Cohen

18 10 2009


LGBT member Andy Cohen has stolen the late night television circuit. He hosts a show called “Watch what happens live” on Bravo that touches on all the drama taking place on the Bravo reality shows. If your an ATL Housewife fan, you should definetly check out this show. He’s HILARIOUS, does exclusive interview with Bravo stars, and always gets all the tea 😉

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B Scott interview with Ne Ne Leakes Part 2

16 10 2009

Kim dumped by Big Poppa?

15 10 2009


ATL housewife fans do I have some gossip for you! Sources are saying that Big Poppa is dumping Kim and moving his wife and family to an undisclosed location. Other sources are saying that Kim caught Big Poppa on a date with a third woman and through a huge fit when she saw him with the other woman. According to a close friend of Kims, Big Poppa told her that if she wanted to leave she could but she had to give back all the things he bought for her including her white Bentley coupe.

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B Scotts blowing up!

12 10 2009


Ok, so who doesnt love the beautifully talented, always smiling, HILARIOUS B.Scott? It looks live “love muffins” everywhere are finally getting what they’ve been waiting for! B.Scott has been doing his new shows via youtube, and is rumored to be airing the shows on a very popular television station soon! The station that will be airing the show was now revealed but when asked about the show via Ustream, B.Scott simply replied “think big.” Alright B! Way to stay focused!