Obaba signs hate crime protection act!

29 10 2009


OUTSTANDING news in LGBT land people!!!! Drum roll please……..President Barack Obama has signed the hate crime protection act ! The bill was passed in to law this afternoon and will work punish people who are responsible for hate crimes and/or crimes based on sexual orientation/race/gender/or religious background.

The parents of Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. started pushing for this policy over a decade ago and are ecstatic legislative branches have finally realized how important of an issue this is.

 “We appreciate everyone who worked so hard on this bill.  My son was taken at such an early age and we hope this law will help prevent other families from going through what we experienced,” said Stella Byrd, mother of James Byrd.  “Even though we’re different colors and different sexual orientations or gender identities, God made us all and he loves us all.”

The LGBT community is excited and proud to see the government taking action in making streets safer for people to openly live there life. We are only a few steps away from receiving the equality we deserve! Thank you Barack Obama! This is the first pro-gay bill passed and set in stone since Stonewall!

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Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

9 10 2009


Great news! President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize! What a huge honor. I cant think of anyone who deserves it more at this point. Lets make sure we support our president in this time of change. Go Obama!