The man behind Beyonce….Meet Jonte!

20 12 2009

Whats going on in LGBT land?? Well whats new to me isnt  too new to the rest of the world! A friend of mine told me about an entertainer named Jonte. He is truly amazing. He is a singer, dancer, choreographer, and more importantly the mastermind behind some of Beyonces most infamous dances. The LGBT community has an AMAZING overlooked impact on the music industry and 2010 is going to be a year of breakthroughs for us. Anyways, below is a video of Jonte dancing backup for Beyonce on the Tyra Banks show… Get to know Jonte and support your talented LGBT family!

I’m late but this is CRAZY…Matthew Knowles is a MESS

20 12 2009

Ok…so I was already reprimanding daddy Knowles for acting like a slut and having a lovechild with a young lady in Cali. As if that isnt bad enough, I found out that this isnt his FIRST lovechild. His first lovechild was none other than Kelly Rowland! WOW! WTF?? My thoughts exactly. LOL. Matthew Knowles seems to be the problem in this family. He’s the reason there constantly getting sued and he’s the reason there breaking up! This guys a real class act. I know this isnt really LGBT related but theres just been alot of infidelity/drama/domestic violence going on in the the public eye lately and I personally think its a sad ass mess. That is all!

Beyonces parents are officially in splitsville!

18 12 2009

Poor Bey! After 29 years of marriage, her parents are getting a divorce. That has to be tough! Although its sad, a divorce is well in order after finding out Matthew Knowles has a “love child.” Was it worth your family Matthew?? I THINK NOT!

Am I the only one who thinks Jay Z is a creep?

16 12 2009

Jay Z and Beyonce were spotted leaving Robin Thicke’s Album release party at club “Butter” nightclub. I thought Beyonces outfit was really cute! Im also LOVING the long bangs! On the other hand….am I the only one who feel like Jay Z is a creep? I saw him in another picture on and he was totally mean muggin the camera. What the hell is he so mad about?? He just looks pissy all the time. Lol. Cheer up guy!

Beyonce is named the TOP selling female artist of the decade!

16 12 2009


Alright for Beyoncé!! Not only is she nominated for 10 Grammys this year but she nas also been names the top-selling female artist of the decade by Billboard magazine! What a way to close out the year huh? Beyoncé stans are excited to see second her appearance with Lady Gaga on the Telephone video!

POW! These dancers KILLED telephone!

12 12 2009

Ridicolous celeb lies of 2009

6 12 2009