Dose of RealiTEA- Episode 2 summary!

15 12 2009


Whats up LGBT land?? Are you ready for the exciting SECOND episode of Dose of Reali TEA? We are! This weeks episode will include lots of celeb drama, real life situations, a few good songs, and the VERY popular call in segment at the end of the show!

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Chris Brown deletes his twitter (talk about a bitch fit!)

14 12 2009


After days of ranting and raving about how the music industry was unfair and trying to blackball his career, Chris Brown has deleted his twitter! Damn Chris! Couldnt take the heat? The singer has been getting ridiculed left and right since the incident with Rihanna. You would think he would be used to it by now. What do you guys think about this? Does he deserve everything he’s getting or should people ease  off  him and give him a chance to continue his career?

Chris Breezy says thanks to gay fans!

12 12 2009

Ive been keeping an eye on Chris ever since his album release the other day….I must say his tweets are very interesting. Lol. Anyways, I thought it was cute that he acknowledged his gay fans while saying thank you to everyone who was supporting  him. Heres his twitter in case you want to follow him!

Chris Brown’s new CD hits stores today

8 12 2009


Ok music lovers!! Chris Brown’s new CD hits stores today!! Although there has been alot of controversy surrounding him this past year, we still admire his work as an artist! It will be VERY interesting to see how his record sales do since Ri Ri’s sales werent too great this last time around!! Im predicitng he’s going to out sell her…. Anyways, go get your copy of Grafitti and check out the track listings below:

1.I can transform ya ft. Lil Wayne and Swiss Beats

2.Sing like me


4.So cold

5.What I do ft. Plies

6.Famous girl

7.Take my time ft. Tank


9.Pass out ft. Eva Simons

10.Wait ft. Trey Songs and The Game

11.Lucky me

12.Fallin down

13.I’ll go

Ridicolous celeb lies of 2009

6 12 2009

Chris Crocker’s message to Chris Brown fans

9 11 2009

I have NEVER agreed with Chris Crocker more than in this video he posted earlier today. The young women who are mocking Rihanna, and the Chris Brown fans who are saying she must have provoked him to hit her are fucking LOSERS and are absolutely disgusting, not to mention ignorant as hell. Regardless of what REALLY happened between the two of them, it wasnt ok to take the situation as far as he did. He’s a grown ass man with millions of dollars he cant be responsible for his own actions?? Rihanna did not ruin his career, his terrible ass teleprompt reading interview did and the decisions HE chose to make that night ruined his career…… Now his lack of creativity and TERRIBLE ASS singles he’s putting out are just finishing off what he already started. A sad as it may be, there are just some people who are not willing to forgive him fow what he did. Thats just the reality of it!

Rihanna interview part 2

6 11 2009