Ellen Degeneres and Tim Gunn win PETA’s People of the Year award!

31 12 2009


Great news for Ellen DeGeneres and Tim Gunn! PETA has named them the “People of the Year.” Yaayyy! Tim Gunn was given the award on behalf of using his voice in the fashion industry to promote wearing faux rather than fur and save animals lives. Ellen was given the award after speaking about her choice to be a vegan for years and how the choice had impacted her life in a healthy and positive way. Congratulations you two! Way to represent our community 🙂

Ellen and Portia on Oprah♥

11 11 2009

Ellen was on Oprah monday and there interview was really uplifting. She talked a lot about being gay and being in the limelight. While the whole interview was great, I really enjoyed the segment on her and her wife Portia De Rossi. Enjoy this short video!

Ellen & Oprah on “O” magazine!

7 11 2009


Ellen is on top of the world in tv land! It’s so wonderful to see an openly gay female be so succesful and have people accept her for who she is ! Ellen is on the December issue of “O” magazine alongside her talk show idol Oprah. The issue hits shelves on November 13th. Go out and get your copy!

M.C. and Ellen interview part 2

5 11 2009

Mariah Carey on Ellen

5 11 2009

Ellen .VS. Simon already??

18 09 2009



American Idol update! Ellen has reported that her mission on A.I. is to make the show more positive and contestant friendly. She claims that Simons rude attitude is something she is not a fan of and she has stated that she will bump heads with him on the show if needed. While The Femme thinks Ellen will make a great addition to the show, A.I. fans everywhere are not so much in agreement and feel like she has no business on the show and no right to talk about Simon. I guess only time will tell how this plays out! I wonder what Simon has to say about all this?

Ellen on American Idol

15 09 2009

 APTOPIX Daytime Emmy Awards Arrivals

Ellen Degeneres will be replacing Paula Abdul on American Idol! While LGBT fans are excited about this news, some A.I. fans are upset about Fox’s decision.  Either way, Ellen will be the new face for American Idol and The Femme  is excited about this! Ellen will bring a fun and positive spin to the show.

Femme whats to know what you think about Fox’s decision to replace Paula with Ellen. Do you think she will be an asset to the show or do you think she has no business on the panel at all?? Let Femme know!