DC mayor signs and FINALIZES gay marriage bill!

20 12 2009

More great news from DC! The mayor has signed the bill and made gay marriage in Washington gay OFFICIAL!!! Yaayy! This is an AWESOME step in the right direction for LGBT members everywhere….afterall DC is our state capitol 🙂 Thank you DC !



Depfox- Shame on the Catholic charities in DC!

16 12 2009

New Jersey takes steps towards YES on gay marriage!

9 12 2009

Wonderful news in New Jersey!! The judicary panel in Trento New Jersey voted 7-6 in the favor of gay marriage!! Yaayyyy! The next step is to go to the full senate for the final vote on the bill!! The voting will take place on December 11th.  Im excited!! Are you??

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NYC votes no on gay marriage

3 12 2009

Its a sad day in NYC ladies and gentleman. NYC has voted no on the bill passing same sex marriage. Not only is the LGBT community upset about this decision, they are taking action. They staged a protest yesterday at 6pm in Time Square to show there dissaproval of the bill not being passed. The bill failing is just a minor set back! We will not be forced to live as second class citizens and denied a future with the ones we love. We just have to try a little harder! Keep your heads up and hearts open!

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Hate crime numbers raise 11% in the past year..

25 11 2009

According to PerezHilton.com , the FBI has reported that hate crime numbers have raised 11% in the past year. This is the third year in the row that number has increased! This is a shame! We have got to do better people! Tolerance is a must! Stop raising ignorant ass people in to dumb @$* adults!

In any event, the LGBT community is shining brighter than ever and will NOT stand for the mistreatment or the abuse! Hopefully Obama’s new policy fighting hate crimes will help these numbers decrease just as quickly as they increased!

Kim K poses for Adam Bouska

17 11 2009

Kim Kardahian looks STUNNING posing for Adam Bouska’s no h8 campaign! The LGBT community loves Kim K and appreciates her support!

Maine votes no on same sex marriage

5 11 2009


Sad news in Maine for LGBT members. Maine has voted no on the same sex marriage bill allowing gays to get married. Although the defeat is dissapointing, LGBT members in the area have stated that they are in for a battle and wont give up that easily! Lets hope Maine residents can change this outcome soon!