An interesting read about the hip hop industry…..

21 12 2009

Since were on the subject of “gay rappers” I thought I would give you all the tea on a very interesting book I heard about a while ago but never posted on here! Terrance Dean was a producer with MTV and wrote a book about entertainers on the down low after he left the television station.  If your curious about what goes on behind the scenes with gay men in the hip hop world you should check out this book. You can purchase it on:


Drama Queenz- Episode 2 “Unexpected Song”

13 12 2009

Black gay Elite in NYC have a message for Donnie Mcclurkin

8 12 2009

Lets here it for the LGBT community in NYC!! A few members of the LGBT community who are also a BIG part of the church  took a very direct approach to voicing their disapproval of Donnie Mcclurkins negative remarks about gays. The group of New Yorker’s took out a full page ad in the Metro New York newspaper and posted this message in the article for Donnie Mcclurkin to read:

We love you brother and in ways the traditional church cannot because we understand your pain. You are not a man who loves men because of being molested as a child. That grave and despicable tragedy broke your spirit and damaged your mind: however, it did not have the capacity to change your DNA. There is so much love in our community for you. We want to see you healed and whole. Whenever you are ready, come home and we’ll love you until it doesn’t hurt anymore. That’s how we do!

This is an incredible message to send out to Donnie and all of his “ex gay” supporters and followers. Instead of using his voice for positive messages to black people he focuses his sermons on negativity, hate, and most importantly BLAME for what he has gone through in his life. He should really try to uplift people rather than uplift HIMSELF by bringing down 1,000 gays…Anyways, I’m glad someone took the initiative to stick up for us!! 2010 is going to be an AMAZING year.

Thank you for this lovely article!

Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga attend MOCA

15 11 2009


Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton attended the 30th annual MOCA gala. Gaga looked amazing and interesting as usual and Perez’s hair matched!! Cute look !

Donnie Mcclurkin is a Douche bag…and a bottom

15 11 2009


Well well well, talk about QUEENING out! Ive never realized what a moron this guy is. I watched a you tube video from a sermon he did on and I could only listen for about 4 minutes before I decided “this guy is a fucking moron.” Wow. What killed me was that after he was done spreading his lies and hate, he talked about how he’s a “former” gay. Lol. are you serious?? So denying yourself of your true sexuality solved all the problems you had in your life and made you ability to love good shine through?? Why does this sound like a load of CRAP to me? Scientist and psychologist have already openly stated that theres no such thing as ex gays. All that this so-called “ex gays” do is suppress the feelings that there having and then act rebellious against the lifestyle because there pissed off they can’t act out the way they really want to anymore. If thats what you choose to do then fine. But dont go spreading lies and fucking hate around about a lifestyle you once were involved with. If god doesnt like gays, he doesnt like hypocrites and liars either and I can guarantee you that. It’s sad people like this are tearing away any foundation for POSITIVE black role models to all these gay black children we have. It’s sad to see someone in the church make people feel so unwelcome and unloved, and its sad to see some BOTTOM running around in front of a congregation LYING! F%$k you Donnie Mcclurkin! For being a freakin idiot.

B. Scotts photo shoot♥

12 11 2009

Eat your heart out Love Muffins! We cant get enough of B!

For those of you who missed the memo…

23 10 2009


The lovely boys from the Logo series “Noahs Arc” have GREAT movie out called “Jumping the Broom.” The movie has been out for over a year now but a lot of people still havent seen it and some didnt even know it existed! I’m here to tell you this movie is excellent and if you havent seen it already make sure you do!