Couple in Malawi is arrested for having engagement party…

29 12 2009


 A gay couple in Malawi was arrested for having and engagement party. what was the crime?!?! Being gay! That right! Its illegal to perform any kind of “homosexual activity” and is punishable with up to 14 years in prison.  

This is really upsetting. The fact  that we as a community have advanced in so many was over the past year sounds so hopeful until we take a look at pur LGBT brothers and sisters who are STILL faced with such a simple but evil form of hate. According to the article, there is a group of LGBT rights activist who are in Malawi as we speak and are focused on trying to change the bill there in favor of gays. I sincerely hope they can do something about these crazy inhumane rules and poor standard of living they are forcing people to live by! Its not right! 

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The Westboro freaks are at it again!

26 12 2009

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Dc City Council votes YES on gay marriage!

15 12 2009

Great news in LGBT land! Washington DC has voted YES on gay marriage! The vote was 11-2 in favor of Gay Marriage and will become effective in March sometime! Yaaayyy! This is an outstanding move for the LGBT community!

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New Jersey takes steps towards YES on gay marriage!

9 12 2009

Wonderful news in New Jersey!! The judicary panel in Trento New Jersey voted 7-6 in the favor of gay marriage!! Yaayyyy! The next step is to go to the full senate for the final vote on the bill!! The voting will take place on December 11th.  Im excited!! Are you??

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Black gay Elite in NYC have a message for Donnie Mcclurkin

8 12 2009

Lets here it for the LGBT community in NYC!! A few members of the LGBT community who are also a BIG part of the church  took a very direct approach to voicing their disapproval of Donnie Mcclurkins negative remarks about gays. The group of New Yorker’s took out a full page ad in the Metro New York newspaper and posted this message in the article for Donnie Mcclurkin to read:

We love you brother and in ways the traditional church cannot because we understand your pain. You are not a man who loves men because of being molested as a child. That grave and despicable tragedy broke your spirit and damaged your mind: however, it did not have the capacity to change your DNA. There is so much love in our community for you. We want to see you healed and whole. Whenever you are ready, come home and we’ll love you until it doesn’t hurt anymore. That’s how we do!

This is an incredible message to send out to Donnie and all of his “ex gay” supporters and followers. Instead of using his voice for positive messages to black people he focuses his sermons on negativity, hate, and most importantly BLAME for what he has gone through in his life. He should really try to uplift people rather than uplift HIMSELF by bringing down 1,000 gays…Anyways, I’m glad someone took the initiative to stick up for us!! 2010 is going to be an AMAZING year.

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Kim K poses for Adam Bouska

17 11 2009

Kim Kardahian looks STUNNING posing for Adam Bouska’s no h8 campaign! The LGBT community loves Kim K and appreciates her support!

Screenwriter Dustin Black banned from speaking

29 10 2009


Whats the tea in LGBT land? Academy award-winning screen writer and LGBT boy Dustin Lance Black was banned from speaking at Hope College in Michigan after the Dean of students said he was too opinionated of a speaker. The deans exact words were “from past experience, strongly opinionated speakers usually don’t further academic discussions about gay, lesbian or transgender issues.”

What an insult to Black, the students, and the LGBT community. The screenwriters talk with students was going to be focused on the aspects of screenwriting, and then an open discussion on sexuality. Students gay, and straight were upset about the deans decision to ban the screenwriter from speaking and some students wrote letters and spoke out on the issue. This is just another sad example of homophobia thriving in the world.