Rihanna is releasing a tell all?!?! This could get interesting….

3 01 2010

WOW! According to mediatakeout.com IT girl Rihanna will be releasing a tell all on her life, love, and experiences in the music industry! This should be juicy! I enjoy a good read, dont you?!

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Rosie and her Lady friend have alot of kids!

31 12 2009

Comedian Rosie O’Donell has been spotted around town with her new lady friend Tracy Anders. Sources say that Rosie is very happy with her new friend and that Tracy is an interesting woman. Examiner.com described her as  “artist, writer, inventor, doula and lesbian mother of six.”

Hmm..that equals TEN kids! I hope one of these ladies has a van!!! Lol. Im totally joking. Its nice to see Rosie looking happy again! We love her pink Croc’s too! Those shoes are soo comfortable! Way to go Rosie!

Thank US Weekly for this article 🙂

Perez dishes tea with Maury!!

18 12 2009

For those of of you who care, Perez Hilton will be on the Maury show today dishing celeb tea! I have my tea cup ready…Do you have yours?

Perez tells Chris Brown to retire!

12 12 2009


LOL!! Ok, I dont know how much humor I should be finding in this but its FUNNY! Browsing twitter earlier I noticed Perez Hilton telling Ike Turner JR Chris Brown to “retire.” After he told him to retire he told his followers that if you follow him AND Chris Brown to unfollow him. SMH. Looks like the claws are going to come out soon!

Perez Hilton is spilling ALL the tea!

1 12 2009

I am SUPER excited about this book! LGBT socialite and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is releasing a juicy new book dishing out all the celeb dirt in Hollywood!!! Can you say DRAMA?!?! The book will hit stores today so make sure you get a copy and support your LGBT  family!


Katy Perry and Rihanna are BFF’s ♥

7 10 2009


Femme fans im happy to tell you that prop princess Rihanna is doing better than ever and enjoying life with a new best friend. Songstress Katy Perry has been spotted at Rihannas side enjoying events with her and playing the best friend. This is a great pair to see taking on the town.Two beauties!

Lisa Raye and Al Sharpton?

7 10 2009


Whats tea LGBT family? Lisa Raye has begun dating Rev. Al Sharpton and the two claim to be very happy. Wow. There are going to be alot of women in LGBT land with broken hearts! Who doesnt love the beautiful Lisa Raye (aka Diamond). Ah well. Another one butes the dust. What do you think Femme fans? Is this for love , status, or money?