Danger tweets The Femme!

5 11 2009


So as many of you know, I was Danger for halloween! I recieved alot of compliments on my costume (which was super simple since we kind of favor) and alot of people thought I was really her at first, and second glance. Lol. I was suprised to see her respond to a conversation me and another girl were having about how I was her for halloween! Although her name was included in the @ replies, I definetly didnt think she yould notice my picture in all the @ replies she probably recieves daily. Either way it was cool and im glad I decided on doing a creative costume rather than just buying one! Although her response was simple, I am happy to say I dod my part in having a BAD ASS costume for Halloween!! Lol 🙂

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What were the celebs for Halloween?

2 11 2009


Lets hear it for the celeb reality costumes!

1 11 2009

Danger! She smashed the homies!!!

1 11 2009

I decided to be adventurous and go reality t.v. celeb for Halloween! What do you think? Double take!!

Perez Hilton goes Gaga!

1 11 2009


Blogger Perez Hilton dressed up as his BFF for halloween….pop princess Lady Gaga! How funny is this?

A few costumes!!!

1 11 2009

Here are a few costumes sent in by LGBT members via twitter!

Octomom….GREAT costume

1 11 2009


Browsing twitter I saw a HILARIOUS halloween costume ! Octomom! Complete with ponytail, big lips, and too many kids! Lol. Great idea hon!