Screenwriter Dustin Black banned from speaking

29 10 2009


Whats the tea in LGBT land? Academy award-winning screen writer and LGBT boy Dustin Lance Black was banned from speaking at Hope College in Michigan after the Dean of students said he was too opinionated of a speaker. The deans exact words were “from past experience, strongly opinionated speakers usually don’t further academic discussions about gay, lesbian or transgender issues.”

What an insult to Black, the students, and the LGBT community. The screenwriters talk with students was going to be focused on the aspects of screenwriting, and then an open discussion on sexuality. Students gay, and straight were upset about the deans decision to ban the screenwriter from speaking and some students wrote letters and spoke out on the issue. This is just another sad example of homophobia thriving in the world.

New Morehouse dress code is homophobic…..

20 10 2009


LGBT news seems like its revolving more and more around the homophobia that partakes at schools. Howard University is trying to pass a new dress code banning students from wearing a variety of male fashion accessories ( du rags, grills & sunglasses) as well as any types of women clothing. It sounds crazy to me to even have factored that into any dress code but, whatever. These are the rules they want to enforce:

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