B Scott show – Episode 4 !

5 10 2009

Kandi Burruss’s fiance …beaten to death

3 10 2009


        The day had just begun and its a sad one. ATL housewifes fiance AJ has been confirmed dead after a brawl at his Atlanta strip club “Body Tap.” Police reported he had  massive injuries to the head and passed away at the hospital…… 

        Between this and the Derion Albert case I just want everyone to take a moment and remember whats really important. Pick your battles and hold on to the ones you love because tommorow isnt promised. I cant imagine how hard it is to lose the love of your life like she has.Our prayers go out to Kandi in her time of grieving.

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ATL Housewife Kandi Burruss poses for Adam Bouska….

1 10 2009


T.V’s favorite new housewife has posed for the noh8 campaign! The LGBT community supports Kandi and appreciates the love back!

B Scott show part 2

26 09 2009

The wonderful second part to B.Scotts first show premiere!

B.Scotts SHOW premiere!

24 09 2009

The B.Scott show is awesome and is airing now! B’s first interview is with Kandi Buruss of ATL housewives. Love muffns unite! Support B.Scott!