Lady Gaga answers fan mail♥

3 01 2010

Studology 101 interviews Hot Wings… A MUST see!

31 12 2009

Whoa there Hot Wings!?!?! How do you REALLY feel about Chance? Lol

The BEST Gaga interview EVER!

29 12 2009

I absolutely LOVE this interview…Its my favorite thus far and she reminded me a little of Jenny from the L Word. I absolutely LOVE her and respect her as a woman.

In case you missed it! Gaga interview♥

29 12 2009

This is a REALLY great interview explaining her song Paparazzi.

New B Scott interview- Tameka Raymond

18 11 2009

Chris Crocker’s message to Chris Brown fans

9 11 2009

I have NEVER agreed with Chris Crocker more than in this video he posted earlier today. The young women who are mocking Rihanna, and the Chris Brown fans who are saying she must have provoked him to hit her are fucking LOSERS and are absolutely disgusting, not to mention ignorant as hell. Regardless of what REALLY happened between the two of them, it wasnt ok to take the situation as far as he did. He’s a grown ass man with millions of dollars he cant be responsible for his own actions?? Rihanna did not ruin his career, his terrible ass teleprompt reading interview did and the decisions HE chose to make that night ruined his career…… Now his lack of creativity and TERRIBLE ASS singles he’s putting out are just finishing off what he already started. A sad as it may be, there are just some people who are not willing to forgive him fow what he did. Thats just the reality of it!

Rihanna interview part 2

6 11 2009