BEST remix of the year!

6 12 2009

Lil Wayne talks about being raped….and he’s bragging about it

3 12 2009


Wow….who knew?? Rapper Lil Wayne talked about being raped at the age 11….. He says that he loved it and that he became Lil Wayne after it happened… Wow Wayne really? Has the coke ate all the way through your brain to your common sense?? Watch the video and see for youself….

Ok….so I FINALLY like a Nicki Minaj song (SMH)

1 12 2009

Ok kids, you know how I feel about Harajuku A*hole. Lol. If you know me you also know that I give credit where credit is due….Im really liking the “I get crazy remix” featuring Lil Wayne and Teyana Taylor. Teyana Taylor’s verse is HOTT and Wayne sounds like old Wayne which is a relief to all the Wayne heads in the world! Check this song out and let me know what you think!


Wanye’s new sh!t is HOTT!

1 11 2009


Hello music land! Wayne is BACK and revived! His latest mixtape hit the streets on October 28th and takes you back to the good ole days when wayne was droppin albums  like The Drought 3. ” No ceiling” is the hip hop mixtape of the YEAR! Wayne has answered the hip hop gods yet again! A fcukin mastermind.

Shakira featuring Lil Wayne….hit or miss?

23 10 2009

Listen to Shakira Ft. Weezy F. Baby – Give it up to me


The lovely Shakira has released a new song with rapper Lil Wayne titled “Give it up to me.” Have you heard the song? Is it a hit or a miss?

Lil Wayne pleads guilty to gun charge….

23 10 2009


Rapper Lil Wayne plead guilty to charges brought against him 2 years ago. According to police, the rapper had a semi automatic gun on his tour bus. Regardless of what happens with the case, we all home Lil Wayne comes out ok.