Farewell to the Tyra show

28 12 2009

I was slightly saddened yesterday after reading that the Tyra show would be cancelled on LoveBScott.com. Ive really grown to like and appreciate her show and its positive aim towards helping young women. The show will end in the spring of 2010. Make sure you tune in and suppory her before it ends next year!B.Scott will be on the Tyra show some time in February! I will keep you all updated until a specific date is released!

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B.Scott teaches Fausto the the “Paw Paw”

27 12 2009

Check out Fausto’s website! I found him on youtube and have fallen in love with him and his witty co host!


My top 5 Favorite blogs of 2009!

16 12 2009


Ok…so since I posted my top 5 favorite youtube channels on here, I thought it would only be fair if I posted my top 5 favorite blog sites on here too! here we go….

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B.Scott talks about HIV/AIDS

1 12 2009

B.Scott- Cold Case love skit

29 11 2009

B.Scott interviews Mariah Carey♥

2 11 2009