Rihanna is releasing a tell all?!?! This could get interesting….

3 01 2010

WOW! According to mediatakeout.com IT girl Rihanna will be releasing a tell all on her life, love, and experiences in the music industry! This should be juicy! I enjoy a good read, dont you?!

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Mediatakeout.com is saying Kim has a big “Momma” now

15 12 2009


Leave it to mediatakeout.com to get the craziest stories! Lol.  According to the popular blogsite, ATL Housewife star Kim Zolciak was spotted out on the town with her new “boo” and heres the catch….it was a GIRL! Apparenty she’s now dating a very popular DJ  named “Tracy.” Hmph. I must say, tracy is much cuter than Big Poppa!

Beyonce’s booty is ummm….PADDED!

2 12 2009

Ok…so wathcing the Video phone remix the other day with friends was VERY interesting…..my friend noticed that Beyonce had on a butt pad in the video! At first I tried to deny it but once we replayed it a few times I noticed the she definetly had on a butt pad….Later on today another friend told me that Beyonce’s butt pad incident ended up on mediatakeout.com which means its official and were not the only ones who noticed her butt pad. Beyonce, I dont know whats up with Beyonce but she needs to fire whoever edited that video ASAP!

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