Lady Gaga answers fan mail♥

3 01 2010

In case you STILL dont know who Susan Boyle is….

3 01 2010

This woman has an incredible voice. She has a very pure and classical voice thats appeasing to the ears. The LGBT community loves her broadway like qualities and is glad she’s an artist of our time! Lady Gaga commented on Susan Boyles singing recently saying that she is very talented and she likes to watch the clip of her singing on Americas got talent so that she can laugh at the expression on Simons face when she starts singing. She says “Simon thinks he knows everything, but he doesnt.” Lol I agree!

Elton John helps Eminem kick his drug habit….

3 01 2010

Well this is weird yet extremely positive news. LGBT boy Elton John has told press that he’s helping rapper Eminem kick his drug habbit. John reports he has been helping Eminem for 18 months now and that he’s doing “brilliantly.” This is AWESOME! Its nice to see two people who are so different coming to together to fix a problem. Its also incredible to see Eminem really taking steps to get away from his drug habit unlike some stars who sadly, let their habbit consume their life and then their career. This is a great story and I know there will be a great ending.

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The last great song I want you to hear this year♥

31 12 2009

Lady Gaga- Brown Eyes

Whats going on with Jamie Foxx?

30 12 2009

Lol, this article is quite embarrassing (if your Jamie Foxx). We all know that mediatakeout has a tendency to exaggerate sometimes but whether this story is true or not this is definitely Jamie in the picture. Whats going on with his undies?! Do you guys think he was dancing for a male audience?!

The BEST Gaga interview EVER!

29 12 2009

I absolutely LOVE this interview…Its my favorite thus far and she reminded me a little of Jenny from the L Word. I absolutely LOVE her and respect her as a woman.

In case you missed it! Gaga interview♥

29 12 2009

This is a REALLY great interview explaining her song Paparazzi.