Nicki…is that you?!

29 12 2009

This OBVIOUSLY isnt Nicki Minaj but I must say, this is QUITE FUNNY!

Nick Minaj says she’s not a “Dyke”

8 12 2009

Hmmm…the irony of this tweet kills me!! In case you havent heard, theres been a video floating around the internet insinuating that not only was Nikki Minaj gay, but she was a HARDCORE STUD!  Her response to the video was tweeted earlier this morning…..

Dyke huh?? As ive said before…there is no D in LGBT. Our little ”bisexual” Nicki Minaj needs to get her gay vocabulary in order!

Ok…So on to the video footage!!

Heres a video if Nicki talking about how she prefers the ladies….

For my Nicki Minaj stans…

4 12 2009


I thought this picture was cute and I wanted to post it for all of my Femme fans who are Nicki Minaj lovers. You guys know im not a huge fan BUT this one is for the Nicki Minaj fans! Enjoy Barbies (While im in such a giving mood. Lol)

Ok….so I FINALLY like a Nicki Minaj song (SMH)

1 12 2009

Ok kids, you know how I feel about Harajuku A*hole. Lol. If you know me you also know that I give credit where credit is due….Im really liking the “I get crazy remix” featuring Lil Wayne and Teyana Taylor. Teyana Taylor’s verse is HOTT and Wayne sounds like old Wayne which is a relief to all the Wayne heads in the world! Check this song out and let me know what you think!


Lets hear it for the celeb reality costumes!

1 11 2009

So you think your a Harajuku Barbie?

20 10 2009


Alright Femme fans. Theres been an epidemic of basic bitches reffering to themselves as *Fill in the blank ____ Minaj and _____ Barbie. Aside from the idea of giving yourself a nickname being totally LAME, the source of the plague is even worse.  Let me start by listing the main issue with this “Barbie” outbreak.

1. Nicki Minaj was NOT the first person in the entertainment industry to bring about the Harajuku idea. Gwen Stefani was. She has a whole damn Harajuku Lovers clothing line/perfume line/accessory line…etc etc.

2. About 85 % of the girls claiming they are “Barbie” like are actually the complete opposite and cant even spell Harajuku.

3. The only reason people want to be “Barbies” is because a mediocre “bi sexual” rapper who doesnt look as f*&^!d up as Lil Kim raps with little Wayne and has a big ass (like every other Compton cutie or NY chick ive ever seen) said she was one.

And last but not least, it lacks creativity. STOP BEING SHEEP PEOPLE! If you like her music good, fine, but NO grown woman should be running around calling themselves Barbie if it’s not selling YOU records…..Which makes me stop and think, how many has she sold??? With that being said, DEATH to the last name Barbie and Minaj!


Nicki Minaj or Amber Rose?

14 10 2009

LGBT ladies everywhere have fallen in love with rapper Nicki Minaj and Ford model Amber Rose. There both beautiful ladies but the question is, who’s the queen B? Leave your comment and let Femme know what you think!