Black gay Elite in NYC have a message for Donnie Mcclurkin

8 12 2009

Lets here it for the LGBT community in NYC!! A few members of the LGBT community who are also a BIG part of the church  took a very direct approach to voicing their disapproval of Donnie Mcclurkins negative remarks about gays. The group of New Yorker’s took out a full page ad in the Metro New York newspaper and posted this message in the article for Donnie Mcclurkin to read:

We love you brother and in ways the traditional church cannot because we understand your pain. You are not a man who loves men because of being molested as a child. That grave and despicable tragedy broke your spirit and damaged your mind: however, it did not have the capacity to change your DNA. There is so much love in our community for you. We want to see you healed and whole. Whenever you are ready, come home and we’ll love you until it doesn’t hurt anymore. That’s how we do!

This is an incredible message to send out to Donnie and all of his “ex gay” supporters and followers. Instead of using his voice for positive messages to black people he focuses his sermons on negativity, hate, and most importantly BLAME for what he has gone through in his life. He should really try to uplift people rather than uplift HIMSELF by bringing down 1,000 gays…Anyways, I’m glad someone took the initiative to stick up for us!! 2010 is going to be an AMAZING year.

Thank you for this lovely article!


NYC votes no on gay marriage

3 12 2009

Its a sad day in NYC ladies and gentleman. NYC has voted no on the bill passing same sex marriage. Not only is the LGBT community upset about this decision, they are taking action. They staged a protest yesterday at 6pm in Time Square to show there dissaproval of the bill not being passed. The bill failing is just a minor set back! We will not be forced to live as second class citizens and denied a future with the ones we love. We just have to try a little harder! Keep your heads up and hearts open!

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NYC knows how to party!

12 11 2009


LGBT ladies are you ready for the Thanksgiving party of the year?? Get ready to party thanksgiving night after family time is over! What makes this party so special is that its being hosted by some of my FAV ladies and club promoters on twitter!  Make sure you check this event out and support your LGBT family!

Make sure you check out these ladies on twitter also!

NFL player Larry Johnson is a deuche bag!

27 10 2009


Take a good look at the photos above and remember this mans face….he is a homophobic DECUCHE BAG! NFL player Larry Johnson had some very homophobic statements to make to fans and press. Ahhh is the baby hostile because his team sucks? Too bad! Johnson told press “get your faggot asses out of here” when they approached him for questioning before he entered the locker room. Later on that night, deeuche bag was on twitter and called a fan a “fag” and proceeded to tell him “think bout a clever diss then that wit ur fag pic. Christopher street boy. Is what us east coast cats call u.” Christopher Street is considered the “gay” area in NYC.

Well Larry, you sound like a fucking closet case in my opinion. Maybe he needs to focus on his ball game rather than who’s screwing who since his weak ass team isnt doing to well right now! Ah well, ignorance is bliss! I hope LGBT members do NOT support this man ANYMORE!

Gay housewives of NYC coming to a city near you!

3 10 2009


Thats right reality t.v. fans! The Logo channel will be picking up this fabulous show and casting auditions will be held in NYC near the beginning of November. Producers are aiming to have the show hit the air in 2010. Make sure you stay tuned to the Logo channel and keep your eyes open for this lovely new show!

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Press is shocked Queen Latifah is at NYC gay club…?!?!

16 09 2009

Queen Latifah

King …I mean Queen Latifah was Spotted at a gay club in NYC….whats the big deal??


 The press has had a field day behind the appearance of female rapper Queen Latifah in a gay club in NYC. As Femme has said before, Queen Latifah is engaged to a woman and is a part of the LGBT community whether she says it outwardly to the media or not. Im not sure what the big suprise is but I hope the media gets over it soon! Inside sources say that Latifah nas neither confirmed nor denied the allegations.

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