Catholics threaten to pull charity funding

13 11 2009


Wow. Its a sad day in Washington. The Catholic church has rleased statements saying that they would pull there funding from charities around Washington if the same sex marriage bill passed and became effective. The Mormon church and the Baptist chirch have both stepped in and scolded the catholic church for there disgusting behavior.

“The Catholic Church hierarchy is at a crossroads: they must decide whether they are in the charity business for charity’s sake, or if imposing their will on the D.C. City Council and the citizens of the District is their primary interest.”

This is just one of the many statements released by members of the Baptist church in reference to the Catholic church. Shame on you! Get your priorities straight! After all, who’s popes and priest are the ones abusing kids??

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Maine votes no on same sex marriage

5 11 2009


Sad news in Maine for LGBT members. Maine has voted no on the same sex marriage bill allowing gays to get married. Although the defeat is dissapointing, LGBT members in the area have stated that they are in for a battle and wont give up that easily! Lets hope Maine residents can change this outcome soon!

ATL Housewife Kandi Burruss poses for Adam Bouska….

1 10 2009


T.V’s favorite new housewife has posed for the noh8 campaign! The LGBT community supports Kandi and appreciates the love back!

Defense of Marriage Act soon to be overturned….

16 09 2009

Femme fans are you ready for a great news update?? Representative Jerrold Nadler is pushing to do away with the Defense of Marriage Act. The DOMA act is the act which allows states to deny gay couples who have already been married under prop 8 before it was appealed the rights and privelages they deserve as LEGALLY MARRIED COUPLES. DOMA has affected everyone in the LGBT communtiy who is married, and is unconstituional in the fact that its laws stem from discrimination against gays……. Perhaphs a day too late and a nickel short, Nadler has questioned overturning DOMA and has the support of LGBT members everywhere. We will have our rights very soon!

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