A message from Bob Marley to you ♥

24 10 2009



Are you the jealous type?

24 10 2009


Femme want to know if your the jealous type. Listed below are a few signs that you may be the jealous girlfriend! Never fear ladies! TheFemme is going to help you kick your jealous ways!

You may be a jealous girl if:

1.Your constantly watching other women and the surroundings when you and your girl go out to make sure no one else is looking at what you’ve got.

2.You check your lovers phone regularly, hoping to catch them doing something wrong.

3.Your not comfortable with your lover going out with friends or family unless you go with them.

4. You dont like to go out to gay clubs because you dont want anyone looking at your girlfriend.

5. Your constantly accusing your significant other of cheating even though you have no hard evidence and never have.

These are just a few signs that you may be a jealous girlfriend. The key to a good relationship is TRUST and communication. If you dont  trust  the person you are dating then insecurity and jealousy can and WILL rear its ugly head. The important thing to remember is that if you dont trust someone, you have NO business being with them. It will only cause you both a world of heartache and pain! If your suffering from jealousy and need some help consult yourself. Lol. While it sounds funny, the best thing to do may be to look inside yourself and see whats going on that makes you not trust people. Everyone is entitled to having a good relationship and being happy. You deserve it just as much as anyone else!Good luck ladies!


Case of the ex

27 09 2009

     No….this is not the Mya song. Lol. This is a blog about ex’s and how annoying some of them can be. Dont they know theyre ex’s for a reason? Ok, so why do ex’s feel like they can try and talk to you after you’ve been broken up for like…..37 years? They always seem to emerge when your doing the best in your life right? Or when other people are starting to notice you. I think its pretty damn sad. If you want to keep someone around you should have done it when you had the chance. Dont come crying, and crawling and STALKING now.

     Then theres the ex who tries to make friends with everyone you associate yourself with just to piss you off. Ladies ladies ladies….its not necessarily the cutest things to be friends with your ex’s ex. For one its fake and for two its pointless. You can NEVER build a solid friendship with someone you didnt like at first. Lets get real.

     This being said….I need all the ex’s to go away. You know who you are. If someone doesnt like you or want to talk to you anymore you should respect that. If they want to reach out to you they will….no assistance needed!

5 Sweet fall ideas….

19 09 2009

While im now single, I still have the hopeful romantic spirit ive always had. I was thinking about the fall time and how the holidays come and go and we spend time with whoever is closest to us. The fall time is a great time to show the person you love the most just how much you care about them. This being said, I hope you like the ideas ive posted to show your lover just how much they mean to you! Enjoy!

  1.  Breakfast in bed – Everyone enjoys breakfast in bed. Its a really positive way to start off the day and a fun way to show someone you care for them. If the two ofyou dont live together and you would like to cook them breakfast in bed, you can suprise them early in the morning with groceries in hand and explain you’ve come to cook breakfast for you Queen/King, whoever. This is a great way to start the day off right.
  2. Road trip- During the fall there are many different events going on. In a relationshiop, its important to look into each others passions and hobbies to get to know each other better. Taking a road trip to an event is a great way to  spend time with someone and learn about each others interests. Whether the road trip is a day or a wekk, memories are sure to be made.
  3. Movie Marathon- Alot of couples have movies they enjoy watching together. A great way to spend a romantic night in AND save a little money during these tough economic times is to have a movie night. Rent a few movies the two of you enjoy, make a few appetizers or a bucket of popcorn and press play. This always makes for a fun night and a hot ending 😉
  4. Flowers are nice- Alot of girls like flowers. especially when they are flowers someone suprised you with at work or school. Flowers that are hand delivered can really brighten someones day. If you can deliver them yourself, 1 800 flowers can. Lol. either way its a sweet idea.
  5. Night out- For me fall time is my favorite because of the many fashion opportunities created because of the weather. The fall is a great time to go out with your lover and hit the town in your hottest clothes. The only thing that feels better then stepping out on the town looking hot on your own is steppin out with that special someone! Hit the club and make a statemenet.

I hope ideas were helpful! For information on LGBT event near you that you and your lover can attend, visit the LGBT events page!