A funny tweet about Lady Gaga

20 12 2009

I thought this was a REALLY cute tweet! Cute, funny and TRUE!


A high school love story♥

7 12 2009

Hey my name is Philisha and my soul mate is Monica  and here is our story…….

  It was my junior year in high school and i’d had 3 girlfriends on and off since the 7th grade. I met Monica in the 10th grade,  mind you I had no idea who she was! It wasn’t until we were both accepted into a hospital internship that I saw her again. We went through the whole first semester, never talked, never even really looked each others way, and we were in the same classroom. Its amazing how you can be around someone so much but never even say hi. Well 2nd semester came along, rather February, and it was one magnificent day. It was our first day at Parkland Hospital. We were getting our assignments and I sat down beside her and told her literally my whole life story. Why did I trust this girl so much? How did I know that she would or could keep my secrets? It was in that moment that I knew she was different. She became my best friend. I told her everything by this time. We came back from the hospital and I showed her a picture of my  girlfriend at the time Lisa. She really didn’t say much…… just ok that’s cool.

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10 reasons you should watch Gossip Bois!

9 11 2009

17 year old High school student protest yearbook picture!

16 10 2009


Theres alot of drama surrounding a school in Jackson Mississippi this week. 17 year old Ceara Sturgis was told she could not where a tuxedo in her Senior Pictures in her high school yearbook. The teengaer was outraged and has been voicing her dissaproval towards the school and there unfair ethics.

I feel like I’m not important, that the school is dismissing who I am as a gay student and that they don’t even care about me. All I want is to be able to be me, and to be included in the yearbook,” Sturgis said in a statement.”

Sturgis mother told school officials and press that her daughter is a lesbian and has never been an extremely feminine person. She doesnt feel like she should have to change who she is for anyone. Fam make sure you go to the link and contact the school to support this school. This is a start! write them a letter, call them or email them! Our voices will be heard!

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Exclusive interview with Studology101!

13 10 2009

Stud of the week

12 10 2009


     Krys is writer, web 2.0 evangelist, and critical thinker for social justice.  In 2008, she began publishing a blog “bLaKtivist.com,” where writes on a variety of topic, but always seeks to examine issues from a critical and authentic vantage point.  Her writing has also been published on AOL.com and Wiretapmag.org . Krys served as a Media Fellow at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.  Prior to joining the ranks at GLAAD , she posed for their mother’s day campaign to create dialogue in LGBT families of African Descent.  She is the Co-coordinator of the Butch Voices Conference, and manages a social networking she created on NING called “The Definition.” It serves as a virtual meeting space for transgender men and masculine-identified women.  

     Krys has facilitated social media and web 2.0 presentations at a variety of conferences including, The National Black Lesbian Conference (August 2008), Phillips Academy Andover’s 20 yr GSA Anniversary Regional Conference (Feb 2009), BUTCHVoices Conference (August 2009) and The Models of Pride LGBT Youth Conference held annually at her alma mater Occidental College(Oct 2009).  Originally from New York, Krys graduated with a B.A. in Urban & Environmental Policy, and a minor in Critical Theory & Social Justice.  She is 24 years old, unattached, and now resides in East Oakland, CA.

k. freeman
wRiting | viraL media | www.bLaKtivist.com

Femme of the week ♥

12 10 2009

My name is Anais Paredes♥

I was born in Dominican Republic then moved to miami, fl where I was raised. I love to laugh, and eat. I speak spanish and english and I love too play softball & I am finishing my degree in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS. I am 24yrs old as of september 6th. And I am single.