Studology 101 interviews Hot Wings… A MUST see!

31 12 2009

Whoa there Hot Wings!?!?! How do you REALLY feel about Chance? Lol


Sneak peak of Studology101 interview…

12 10 2009

Ok ladies! Here a sneak peak of the interviw I did with Studology101 today! This ones for there fans! Hope you love it!

Interview with Studology101

12 10 2009


Femme fans are you ready for the interview of the year? Studology 101 fans will be happy about this collabo! Thats right ladies! Studology101 has teamed up with The Femme to bring you an extra exclusive look into the life of a stud.  We hope you all enjoy the interview! Stay tuned tommorow before 12 pm to lock in to this interview…. Believe me you dont want to miss it!

For more on studology101 visit

Studology 101 at Dallas pride

18 09 2009



Between blogging and doing my website, I have had the opportunity to get to know some cool people via youtube, twitter, etc etc…. I have become familiar with Studology101 through youtube and then through twitter. I like the site they have and respect the videos they do. They dont get on youtube and act like they didnt know they had to say something in front of the camera. Lol. They have informative topics and do interviews with some of LGBT lands favorite celebs. I have also noticed the abundance of Femme fans they have and so with no further intro….ladies this ones for there fans. If you are a Studology101 fan and would like to meet them and show your support during Dallas pride, you can come out to Six Flags where they will be located and meet them! Just click the link which will take you directly to there webpage, watch there latest video and write down all the information they give you. Simple as that! Enjoy !