Teyana Taylor’s love is the “softest place on earth”!

26 12 2009

Omg!! Is TT tring to give us a heart attack?! This girl SCREAMS perfection everytime we see her! The beauty twit pic’d this picture earlier today saying she had just gotten out of the shower and was putting lotion on. Yowza!! If only I were that bottle of lotion! Lol.

More Twit pics of T.T!

24 12 2009

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Teyana Taylor is looking soooo good these days! Her body looks flawless! I hope you guys enjoy these twit pics!

Teyana is giving me LIFE with this twit pic!

18 12 2009


Oh my GAWD!! Have you seen the latest twit pic of T.T? It is HOTT! Teyana Taylor is TRULY the princess of swagger! No one else even comes close!

Teyana Taylor celebrates her birthday!

17 12 2009

Teyana Taylor had a great time celebrating her birthday this past weekend! She had a 70’s themed party at a roller stating rink in California this past weekend! did you see those abs?? DAMN! Anyways, happy birthday Teyana! 🙂

T.T. looks good on the set!

25 11 2009

Our urban socialite Teyana Taylor twit pic’d this picture of herself earlier today…. Such a cutie!! We cant wait to see more of her!!!

Teyana Taylor presents “Dope Lips”♥

9 11 2009


Teyana Taylor has released a sneak peek of a few of the fabulous lip gloss’ she has designed for her lip gloss line “Dope Lips.” The young celeb tweeted a picture of some samples of the lip gloss earlier today! Get ready ladies, this lip gloss line is HOTT!

To find out the 411 on T.T’s lip gloss line follow her on twitter : http://twitter.com/dopelips

Teyana Taylor claims she likes to play in snow….

6 11 2009

Ok so Teyana Taylor has officially convinced me she’s a baby dyke now….. The celeb tweeted earlier today saying she likes “to play in snow” followed by a very disturbing NON convincing link of her “crush”…..


Open link:


Isnt that the guy from Holes? Wow. Ok T.T. try again. Babys Daddy huh? I dont think so….