Lady Gaga interview with Fuse part 2

20 12 2009

Sneak Peak of Lady Gaga’s photoshoot for her Deluxe booklet!

18 12 2009

Lady Gaga fans I am SUPER excited about these new pictures of our pop queen! I stumbled upon these pictures early this morning on and I couldnt wait to share them with you guys!! These are a few of the photos that will be featured in her Deluxe CD booklet which will be a HUGE collectible item for Gaga stans! Ok…so before we get to the pictures….was I the only one who noticed the guy carrying her out of the jungle looked JUST like Kanye West…with abs?? Lol. Was that him? Ah well….LONG LIVE GAGA!

EXCLUSIVE Lady Gaga interview! She LOVES her LGBT fans!

16 12 2009

This is one of my favorite Lady Gaga interviews!! She talks about her and Kanye splitting ways before the tour, how SHE wants to impact the music industry, and how much che ADORES her gay fan base! Make sure you watch the whole interview! She is truly amazing šŸ™‚

“The greatest pop cultural impact i hope to have offered is that the gay community is slowly taking over the universe….”- Lady Gaga

NEW MUSIC- Lady Gaga Teeth

11 12 2009

Lady Gaga meets the Queen….

10 12 2009

Princess Gaga has had the privelage of meeting the Queen Elizabeth 2! How amazing is this?? She performed for her this past weekend in London. Her outfit was interesting and she kind of resembles the red queen from a deck of cards!! Our Gaga is so creative! Below are a few more pictures from her performance posted by our friends over at The Creole corner & Gaga Daily!

Barbara Walters interviews Lady Gaga

10 12 2009

Lady Gaga and Barbara Walters discuss her childhood, music ethic, and bisexuality! Congrats for making the list of this years most interesting people Princess Gaga! We love you!

Lady Gaga tweets to her fans♥

4 12 2009



Gaga tweeted this message toĀ little monstersĀ earlier today! What a sweet message! We love our Pop Princess more and more as time goes on! She is truly gifted.