The last great song I want you to hear this year♥

31 12 2009

Lady Gaga- Brown Eyes

Lady Gaga- Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

29 12 2009

Princess Gaga has topped the GLOBAL charts ♥

29 12 2009

 Lady Gaga fans are astounded (but not surprised) at how quickly she has taken the music industry by storm! The 23 year old New York native now officially has the biggest selling single in the WORLD for 2009. The song Poker Face took Gaga straight to the top of the charts this year. Gaga was also the only artist on the list to have 5 songs! Gaga has done it again! We love how she rises to the occasion EVERY TIME never disappointing her fans.

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Sneak Peak of Lady Gaga’s photoshoot for her Deluxe booklet!

18 12 2009

Lady Gaga fans I am SUPER excited about these new pictures of our pop queen! I stumbled upon these pictures early this morning on and I couldnt wait to share them with you guys!! These are a few of the photos that will be featured in her Deluxe CD booklet which will be a HUGE collectible item for Gaga stans! Ok…so before we get to the pictures….was I the only one who noticed the guy carrying her out of the jungle looked JUST like Kanye West…with abs?? Lol. Was that him? Ah well….LONG LIVE GAGA!

Lady Gaga releasing new album!

9 10 2009


Lady Gaga fans have you heard? Lady Gaga will be re releasing her album with 8 new songs and a new title. The Fame Monster will be released November 4th and will include all of the songs from her first album plus 8 new songs that are based around the monsters she has encountered while fighting her was to fame this past year. If your a Gaga fan, make sure you mark your calenders!

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Is Lady Gaga stealing Brit Brits fans?

9 10 2009

Femme fans! A friend of mine speculated that Lady Gaga will be hotter than Britney Spears soon and will take most of her fan base after a while. Although im a HUGE Lady Gaga lover, I had to point out a few things and make a few comparisons:

1.Lady Gaga didnt sell nearly as many album as Brit Brit did her first year. Lady Gaga sold over 3 million while Britney sold over 12 million and 23 million globally.

2.Britney has been out  longer than Lady Gaga and has built for of a fan base.

3. While Brit Brits been out longer, Lady Gaga is a much better singer and is proving to be more creative with her performances.

4.Brit Brit has sold more records than Gaga, but released her first album at 16 compared to Gaga who was 22.

5.This past year, Lady Gaga has outsold Britney Spears by far. The album Circus has only sold 300,000 copies so far and isnt expected to peak much more than that.

Keeping all these factors in mind, I decided that I think Lady Gaga will be bigger than Brit Brit in a year or so. Although Circus is a great album, Lady Gaga is fresh,passionate, and stepping on the scene with a vengeance. Brit is no where near the peak of her career anymore and is not performing as well as Gaga had been, and on aside from that, she doesnt sing live. While i’m a fan of both, I will be sticking with Lady Gaga from now on 🙂