I hate to do it but….Tampon Tila to the rescue!

8 12 2009


Ok! This is the last bit of negativity im posting on  here (hopefully lol). Here is a picture of Tampon Tila doing that infamous “blog” on ustream I told you all about! This was one of the MANY reasons we dont want that trash in our communtiy….Reason #3….NAKED PHOTOS WITH TAMPON STRING SHOWING!!

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DEATH to Tila Tequila…please

8 12 2009

A high school love story♥

7 12 2009

Hey my name is Philisha and my soul mate is Monica  and here is our story…….

  It was my junior year in high school and i’d had 3 girlfriends on and off since the 7th grade. I met Monica in the 10th grade,  mind you I had no idea who she was! It wasn’t until we were both accepted into a hospital internship that I saw her again. We went through the whole first semester, never talked, never even really looked each others way, and we were in the same classroom. Its amazing how you can be around someone so much but never even say hi. Well 2nd semester came along, rather February, and it was one magnificent day. It was our first day at Parkland Hospital. We were getting our assignments and I sat down beside her and told her literally my whole life story. Why did I trust this girl so much? How did I know that she would or could keep my secrets? It was in that moment that I knew she was different. She became my best friend. I told her everything by this time. We came back from the hospital and I showed her a picture of my  girlfriend at the time Lisa. She really didn’t say much…… just ok that’s cool.

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B.Scott lets Tila Tequila have it!

6 12 2009


   Ok…So, B.Scott went the HELL off on Tila Tequila via twitter this evening! Yesss! Its about time someone who has a major voice in the LGBT community tells her to SHUT HER ASS UP!! The “myspace celeb” has been tweeting about pop star Rihanna for the past 48 hours and we are all extremely tired of hearing her rant and rave on and on. Aside from sounding ignorant and childish as HELL, she’s doing a HORRIBLE  job representing the LGBT community. Like B.Scott said and I have said before……. WE DONT WANT YOU!

Brian B LOVES B.Scott!

5 12 2009

I saw this video on youtube and I immedietly went into LOVE MUFFIN mode!! Lol. I would do the EXACT same thing if  B.Scott favorited or commented on one of my videos…..

For my Nicki Minaj stans…

4 12 2009


I thought this picture was cute and I wanted to post it for all of my Femme fans who are Nicki Minaj lovers. You guys know im not a huge fan BUT this one is for the Nicki Minaj fans! Enjoy Barbies (While im in such a giving mood. Lol)

A few funny flicks of yours truly & friends ♥

4 12 2009