Danger tweets The Femme!

5 11 2009


So as many of you know, I was Danger for halloween! I recieved alot of compliments on my costume (which was super simple since we kind of favor) and alot of people thought I was really her at first, and second glance. Lol. I was suprised to see her respond to a conversation me and another girl were having about how I was her for halloween! Although her name was included in the @ replies, I definetly didnt think she yould notice my picture in all the @ replies she probably recieves daily. Either way it was cool and im glad I decided on doing a creative costume rather than just buying one! Although her response was simple, I am happy to say I dod my part in having a BAD ASS costume for Halloween!! Lol 🙂

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Real and Chance picked HOTTIES!!

27 10 2009

The season finale of The Real Chance of Love aired today (thank GOD its the last one!) and I must say, the boys picked some hot ladies! Real chose Boston native “Doll” and Chance chose  the sexy swagged out “Hot Wings.” Congrats ladies! Keep it sexy!

Is Lidlo a “pill popper”?

7 10 2009


Our loony little bisexual Lindsey D. Lohan is at it again according to her dad. He referred to her as a “pill popper” to press and paparazzi and said she was addicted to prescription drugs. Im not sure what happened to the girl we all fell in love with on mean girls but I think everyone wishes she would come back. Sam Ronson made her crazy! Hang in there Lidlo! Dont let the lesbo drama drive you off the edge!

I think im tired of Chelsea Lately….

18 09 2009


Hello LGBT fam! Sorry for the long delay…Anyways I was talking to my friend on the phone yesterday (Prince Justan…check out our Vogue Evolution tribute) and he told me that that bitch Chelsea Lately had the NERVE to talk about my Lady Gaga. I watched the clip on youtube and I must say it pissed me off. Lately made the comment that she’s tired of this Lady Gaga “he she thing it or whatever it is.” Well well well Miss Lately. When did you become the perfectionist of life? With your ratty hair, low budget crew of “co host” and piss poor bitch ass attitude. Who are you? I would commend her on having a T.V. show but so does Frankie, Neffie, a bunch of pregnant 16 year olds, and Real and Chance…That being said, the value of being able to say “im on a t.v. show” has been shot to hell. I think im tired of Chelsea Lately….She’s too negative and she talked about my Gaga. Lol.