Lady Gaga answers fan mail♥

3 01 2010

Youtube is Claiming “Copy right infringement”…BS!

31 12 2009

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Studology 101 interviews Hot Wings… A MUST see!

31 12 2009

Whoa there Hot Wings!?!?! How do you REALLY feel about Chance? Lol

Watch out Youtube!B.Scott is coming for you!

29 12 2009

Ok love muffins!! I think its fair to say our beloved B.Scott is FINALLLY verbalizing his dissaproval of those bastards down at youtube!! Hew tweered about coming for them with none other than his friend…MR. BUDDAH!  Guess what?!?! Were right behind him! F#!^K YOUTUBE!

Nicki…is that you?!

29 12 2009

This OBVIOUSLY isnt Nicki Minaj but I must say, this is QUITE FUNNY!

Tokyo Diiva drops a new song! “Im in ♥ with a gay boy”

28 12 2009

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Meet What the Buck!

27 12 2009

This is a HILARIOUS video about Miley Cyrus and a few other random topics….Meet what The Buck! He’s a hilarious LGBT V Blogger!