Kanye West says he sold his soul…….

24 12 2009

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I saw this on necolebitchie.com


A message to the Illuminati….

22 12 2009

Some more Illuminati talk from the Skorpion Show

4 12 2009

Twit pic is hilarious!

20 11 2009

LMAO! A friend on twitter sent me this picture giving a special shout out to Lady Gaga and the “Lady Gaga  illuminate puppet theory.” Whats that I see? An all seeing eye?? Lol. Funny!


The Illuminati….real or myth?

19 11 2009

Ok guys and gals….where do I even start? As you all know im a HUGE Lady Gaga fan. I pay attention to any press surrounding her whether it be good or bad. Lately a lot of people have been saying things about the singer that are some what disturbing. What was even MORE disturbing were the details and information that emerged while I was researching to see what was going on with Lady Gaga….. So I bet you’re wondering what the “controversy” is right? Here we go……

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