Is Tila rockin a cubic zirconia?

12 12 2009

Breaking news for all my fellow Tila haters!! This b!*%$&s engagement ring is fake! According to her finces ex girlsfirend, Courtenay Semal she wore the EXACT same ring when they were dating and that Casey Johnson KNOWS the ring isnt real…..somethings fishy here and it isnt just Tilas cooch! Lol. Big thanks to TMZ and US weekly for spilling that tea!


B.Scott video- #hohaveaseat (Twitter topic)

8 12 2009

B.Scott STILL gives me life!! HOE HAVE A SEAT!

I hate to do it but….Tampon Tila to the rescue!

8 12 2009


Ok! This is the last bit of negativity im posting on  here (hopefully lol). Here is a picture of Tampon Tila doing that infamous “blog” on ustream I told you all about! This was one of the MANY reasons we dont want that trash in our communtiy….Reason #3….NAKED PHOTOS WITH TAMPON STRING SHOWING!!

Click HERE to see the  full list!


No this bitch Tila Tequila didnt!!!

8 12 2009


Femme Fans, did you see this f*^$@&g whore Tila Tequila try to come for me?? LMAO!! She could never…Anyways, LGBT members attacked the cyber slut late this evening after she posted some annoying tweets about “For the love of Ray J” winner Cocktail. I think its fair to say people are tired of this bitch trying to stir the pot for attention…… Anyways, since she wants to try and put people on front street (even though she aint shit) I thought I would return the favor!! Heres pictures of our little Miss Tila Tequila WITH A DRINK IN HER HAND….TWICE! So much for a being ” ALLERGIC TO ALCOHOL” LIAR!

 picture # two is a collage of this hoe indulging in alcoholic beverages:

With this being said….you’ve got glass all around you bitch!! Stop throwing stones!

DEATH to Tila Tequila…please

8 12 2009

Ridicolous celeb lies of 2009

6 12 2009

Run RiRi! Tila’s coming for you girl!

4 12 2009


Whats tea girls? Tila Tequila has officially lost her rabid a$% mind! Apparently she heard what Rihanna had to say about her on her latest radio interview and….well….she’s coming for Ri Ri! She is claiming that not only is Rihanna a rude b!^&h, but she has HERPES and gave it to {insert name here} and thats why he beat her. Hmph…What do you guys think? Should we believe the alcoholic who says she’s “allergic” to alcohol? 

Click HERE to read what Tila had to say