Jennys back from the dead and playing with vampires!

24 12 2009

The beautiful “princess of darkness” Mia Kirshner will be playing “Isobel” on the popular t.v. show Vampire diaries. Her reucurring role will start on January 21st, 2010.  L Word fans are excited to see her again!


Drama Queenz- Episode 2 “Unexpected Song”

13 12 2009

Its official! The L Word reality show is casting!

12 12 2009


Yay! I am so excited the L Word reality show has been greenlit to come out in 2010! L Word fans have been dying without our beloved show! Anywhoo, the reality based show has been greenlit for 9 episodes and is expected to be a great show because of its awesome team of creators and producers. len Chaiken will be working with the “magical elves” on this project! The “Magical Elves” are responsible for shows like Project Runway and Top Chef masters. In any event, we are very excited about this endevour  and we will be supporting Ilene and The L Word!

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NEW L Word interrogation tape- Bette Porter

4 12 2009

L Word interrogation tapes- Helena Peabody

29 11 2009

L Word interrogation tapes- Tina Kenard

25 11 2009

L Word interrogation tapes- Shane

22 11 2009